Monday, November 29, 2010

Spider's Bite An Elemental Assassins Book

Spider's Bite (Elemental Assassin, Book 1) - Mass Market Paperback (Jan. 26, 2010) by Jennifer Estep
Dark Faerie Tale UF Reading Challenge Book #1

"My name is Gin and I kill people" with an opening line like that you know you are in for a killer pun intended.
 Gin Blanco is The Spider. An assassin that is only spoken about in whispers. She is an Elemental that can control and manipulate stone and has a touch of ice magic, too. Her obstinate, self sufficient ways dictate that she never uses her gifts for her profession, outside of making the occasional, untraceable knife.
 Gin soon has to play the game herself when her handler/mentor is brutally murdered on a horrific attempt to double cross her.  Running on pure anger instead of her usual cold calculation, her world is turned upside down.  Hellbent on revenge makes her join forces with a "hottie" cop, Donovan Caine,who only views the world in black and white and can not accept the grey world through Gin's eyes. Caine grudgingly agrees to help for this case and this case alone, despite the conflict that The Spider assassinated his dirty cop partner.
 From opening page to dramatic ending The Spider weaves her tale, entangling you, barely giving you a chance to come up for air.
 Gin is a tough, kick ass girl with a complex history full of missing puzzle pieces. She fights having "human emotions" and tries to ignore the events of her past that existed before she became The Spider. It is an impossible task. Her hands carry the physical scars that remind her, and are ultimately responsible for her deadly alias.  I absolutely love her and secretly want to be her. As she races to save other people ( which is soooooooo not her job) you will find yourself loving the bad girl assassin , and cheering for her all the way.
 Jennifer Estep is a welcome new voice in my world of urban fantasy and really makes me want to reconsider my childhood dream apprenticeship to assassin school. Hmmmmm, it's never too late.

5 out of 5 wooden stakes v~v

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