Monday, January 25, 2010

There was a curse. There was a girl. And in the end there was a grave.

With that tag line how can you NOT want to pick up Beautiful Creatures By Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl.

Beautiful Creatures is a haunting symphony of words that resonates to your very core whether you are a lover, a poet, a freak or just plain normal.

Ethan Wate is your not so typical jock, who hides his love for reading along with his books under his bed. In the small southern town of Gatlin County, Georgia everyone knows your secrets and outsiders are not welcome. Ethan wants his life to be more then this town. Another secret that he hides,because he is afraid his dad will not be able to cope with it. His father, a writer, never leaves his study and is teetering on the brink of full blown insanity brought on by the death of Ethan's mother.

Ethan is beginning to feel he is fated to be insane also. Every night he dreams that he is trying to save a girl drowning in the thick ,black, muddy swamps of the south.He hangs on to her wrist with all of his might but every night she is slips out of his grip. When he wakes he finds dirt under his fingernails and he is soaking wet...with swamp water. Chalk it up to ANOTHER secret he has to keep.
At school at least he can pretend to be normal, until the girl from his dreams transfers to high school, sporting the half moon imprints of Ethan's fingernails on her wrist.
Lena Duchannes is a loner who has moved in with her Uncle Macon, the Boo Radley of the town. She is gorgeous, mysterious, plagued by curse and failing miserably at trying to keep her supernatural powers a secret. Those are reasons for the students at Jackson High to hate her and they do.
Despite the threats from his fellow jocks and Lena's cold shoulder , Ethan can't help but be drawn to the girl that has been haunting his dreams.
Together they find their fates are entwined far beyond the possibilities of their wildest imaginations.
As Ethan and Lena's connection grows stronger so does Ethan's desire to prove that he can break the curse of Lena'a impending ill fate.
Against all odds and a towns debilitating prejudice, a fight to the finish seems to be in their stars.
Reading this book I was instantly transported to Gatlin County and its decaying plantations. I could feel the tragic ghosts of the Civil War brush their cold fingers down my spine. I could not put the book down and honestly watch out Edward and Bella..because Ethan and Lena's bond has way more to back it up.
I HIGHLY recommend this to all Twilight fans who are suffering from withdrawals BUT STOP!!! YOU ANTI-TWILIGHT PEOPLE DO NOT RUN AWAY SCREAMING YET..This is a well crafted star crossed lover story that continues to carry through the centuries. Can anyone say Montague and Capulet???
Unlike Romeo and Juliet this story ends with a chance that there can be a sequel. I'm not one who is a huge fan of "love" stories but this tale of cursed love was one that swept me away.

4.5 out of 5 wooden stakes v~v

back in black

FINALLY. Its been 2 months full of craziness, but Bloody is back with vengeance and a stack of books 5 feet high. Let words be our guiding light away from the monotony of life in these bleak winter months. v~v